toh kee roast meat

Toh Kee Roast Duck Rice in People’s Park Food Centre

toh kee roast duck stall

It has been a while since Lao Beng last had roast duck rice and here I was in People’s Park Food Centre staring at the beautifully roasted ducks of Toh Kee (道记).

This stall seems to be a favourite for the older folks as I noticed many of them patronizing the stall for lunch and takeaways.


toh kee roast duck preparation

This is the preparation stall a couple of units away from the main stall. Over here, they dry the meat before the roasting process.


toh kee roast meat

If you are seated nearby the stall, you can place the order at the stall front and they will send the order to you.

I decided to sit further into the food centre and thus went into the stall to place my order (self service) while ogling at the gorgeous roast meat.

It cost $5 for a plate of roast duck rice which is higher than most stalls who are selling between $3.50 – $4.


toh kee roast duck rice

As I had opted for self service due to my decision to sit further into the food centre, the roast duck rice was served on a disposable plate and plastic cutlery was given. Those who sit near the stall will have their roast duck rice served on a proper plate with stainless steel cutlery.

The roast duck of Toh Kee is charred and darker than most other stalls. The accompanying chilli sauce was fantastic and I wished I had gotten more of it.


toh kee roast duck

The skin of the roast duck was slightly crispy and it has this nice smoky flavour due to its charred skin. The flavourful duck meat was kind of dry but was tender enough not to give me jaw pain.

The taste was greatly enhanced by the chilli sauce which in fact is a combination of plum sauce and chilli sauce. You can taste the sweetness of the plum sauce and the spicy chilli on the flavourful duck meat. All in all giving a good unique all round taste.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

If you have not tried before, do give it a try to see if it justifies the $5 price tag for a plate of roast duck rice. For me, it is kind of steep but it definitely has its unique taste that stands out from the rest. Oh yes, please get more chilli sauce to go with the meat.



Toh Kee (道记)

People’s Park Food Centre

32 New Market Road


Singapore 050032