The Pasta Stop Ci Yuan Hawker

The Pasta Stop in Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

I believe most of us have read that the government had pledged to build twenty new hawker centres in Singapore. Ci Yuan Hawker Centre, a 24hr hawker centre located in Hougang Avenue 9 is the first out of the twenty and it opened in August 2015.

Lao Beng finally had the chance to visit this hawker centre which is co-located in Ci Yuan Community Club one early evening.

This hawker centre has high ceiling and good airflow making the experience of eating in an usually humid hawker centre so much more pleasurable. I was browsing through stalls after stalls and finally laid my eyes on this particular stall.


The Pasta Stop Stall Ci Yuan Hawker

The Pasta Stop stall attracted me with their western offerings and at that point of time I felt like having pasta to fill my growling stomach.


The Pasta Stop Menu Ci Yuan Hawker

Other than pasta and western mains, they also serve snacks like chicken/fish popcorn and even tiramisu as well.

The crabmeat pasta was screaming for my attention, oh, no, it was not…the picture seems to be much bigger than the rest of the pasta dishes as it is touted as “Our Special”.

Oh well, I decided to order the crabmeat pasta at $6.80 as well as the soup of the day at $2.50 which came to a total of $9.30.


Ci Yuan Hawker Centre Payment Kiosk

After my order was keyed in by the staff, I inserted a $10 note into the self-payment kiosk and out came the change automatically. The self-payment kiosk is definitely a good idea for stalls that do not have enough staff and at the same time not handling money is also a very hygienic way for hawkers.


The Pasta Stop Soup Ci Yuan Hawker

Soup of the day was the ever familiar mushroom soup. It was kind of thick and generous amounts of mushrooms could be detected in every mouthful.

Taste wise it is pretty average, not something to die for.


The Pasta Stop Ci Yuan Hawker

The look of the crabmeat pasta was very appetizing to me. I liked the orangey colour it produced and it smelt very nice.

I spiralled the spaghetti into a swirl and taste it immediately, it had a delicious creamy seafood taste to it and the spaghetti was al dente.


The Pasta Stop Crabmeat Pasta Ci Yuan Hawker

I gathered the bits and chunks of crabmeat and could find a reasonable amount of it; at $6.80 I could not ask for more. I would say the standard is pretty on par with the pasta served in restaurants.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Proper pasta done at hawker prices, do come over to Ci Yuan Hawker Centre to give The Pasta Stop as well as other hawker stalls a try today.



The Pasta Stop

Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

51 Hougang Avenue 9


Singapore 530917