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Coney Island Park Singapore

punggol promenade fishing

On a sunny day in December (even though the monsoon season is raging), Lao Beng took bus no. 84 from the Punggol Bus Interchange to Punggol End en route to visit the much talked/hyped about Coney Island Park.

Coney Island Park is also called Pulau Serangoon is a 50 hectare island located north east of Singapore. It was opened in October 2015 and has seen many visitors since its inception.

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Happy SG50 National Day 2015 to all Singaporeans

SG50 Singapore National Day National Gallery Singapore
SG50 Singapore National Day Decoration at the National Gallery Singapore (which comprises of two national monuments: the former Supreme Court Building and City Hall)

Lao Beng from wishes all Singaporeans a Happy National Day 2015 (SG50). Happy Birthday Singapore!!! Huat ah!!!

As we celebrate our Golden Jubilee, let us not forget the pioneers, our forefathers and foremothers whom have helped our country progress from third world to the first. May we continue to enjoy peace, harmony and progress together with our beloved nation.

May there also be more nice hawker centres and young hawkers to continue the art of Hawker Food forever.

Majulah Singapura!

Onward Singapore!

前进吧, 新加坡!

முன்னேறட்டும் சிங்கப்பூர்


SG50 Funpack – Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Celebration


2015 is the year that Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee (50 years of Self-Independence), as some of you might know every Singaporean and Permanent Resident household will receive a SG50 Funpack. The thing about this SG50 Funpack is that not all packs are the same in terms of bag design and items.

I picked up mine today and the bag is printed with excerpts from lyrics of Dick Lee’s 1998 composition “Home”.

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