haw par villa entrance

Haw Par Villa Theme Park

haw par villa entrance

Almost every place of attraction in Singapore needs an entrance fee, entrance to Haw Par Villa however, is free. It had been more than twenty odd years since Lao Beng last visited Haw Par Villa when I was just in primary school. I still remember I was haunted by the sights that greeted me and had nightmares for a couple of days.

Back then, I will have this creepy feeling of being watched in Haw Par Villa. It is as though the eyes of the statues followed me wherever I went…..

So, on a quiet weekday during the 7th Lunar month (Hungry Ghost Festival), I finally decided to revisit Haw Par Villa again. Unlike last time when it was arduous to travel to Haw Par Villa, it is so much more convenient now as the Haw Par Villa MRT Station (CC25) is just beside it.

The strange coincidence is that on the same day I visited Haw Par Villa, Singapore Tourism Board broke the news that they had appointed Journeys, a travel company to operate and manage Haw Par Villa but admission will still be free.

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