Xin Heng Kee Chicken Rice

Xin Heng Kee Chicken and Duck Rice in Pek Kio Market and Food Centre

Xin Heng Kee Chicken and Duck Rice Stall

As 2015 draws to a close, I will talk about one of my favourite hawker food that I practically cannot live without as my last post for year 2015.

It is none other than Chicken Rice. This time round, Lao Beng was at Pek Kio Market and Food Centre scouring for an early lunch at 11.20am.

I was immediately attracted to a snaking queue for this particular chicken and duck rice stall. Naturally, when you see Singaporeans willingly to join a queue even when the queue is already so long, their food must be fantastic. Read More

mat noh ginger chicken

Mat Noh and Rose Ginger Fried Chicken Rice in Whampoa

mat noh ginger chicken stall

Lao Beng loves eating chicken rice or nasi ayam in malay. The thing about chicken is that it is a very versatile meat which can be treated and cooked in a variety of ways.

Mat Noh and Rose authentic ginger fried chicken rice is a halal food stall located in Whampoa Drive Food Centre, I was there to try their famous ginger fried chicken.

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