SG50 Funpack – Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Celebration


2015 is the year that Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee (50 years of Self-Independence), as some of you might know every Singaporean and Permanent Resident household will receive a SG50 Funpack. The thing about this SG50 Funpack is that not all packs are the same in terms of bag design and items.

I picked up mine today and the bag is printed with excerpts from lyrics of Dick Lee’s 1998 composition “Home”.



Back Row (left to right) : 

  • Pamphlet detailing the major milestones cum NDP information
  • Temporary tattoos
  • NEWater (some of us call it longkang water)
  • Handheld balloon with Lights
  • Erasers
  • Flag with stand
  • Singa the Lion “mata” (Police) version holding on to the lollipop and guarding the pair of Haw Flakes
  • Card detailing the Proclamation of Singapore on 9th August 1965


Front Row (left to right) :

  • UIC washing detergent
  • SNAP card game
  • Super beverage sachets


As I mentioned not all the items are the same, you can check out the short video to see the nostalgic toys and games that we once played and you might also receive in your funpack.

You can also visit here to see the various funpack items including the fifteen variations of Singa the Lion. YES 15 of them…..



I loved playing the erasers game when I was a kid, I couldn’t afford to buy many erasers back then but managed to win some. My favourite/lucky eraser was “Panama” as it helped me win many “battles” :p



My favourite items from the pack, who can forget Singa the Lion? My Singa Mata holds on to a baton and the lollipop which reminds me of my younger days of sucking Chupa Chups. The Haw Flakes were cheap and comfort snacks back then.


I am looking forward to watch the SG50 National Day Parade on the television come 9th August and I end this post with a beautiful rendition of “Home”.