McDonalds Create Your Taste Burger

McDonald’s Create Your Taste, Build Your Own Burger

McDonald's Order Kiosk

Lao Beng had been reading/seeing/hearing for sometime on Social Media, Radio and TV about McDonald’s new dining experience that allows you to build your own burger.

However, every time I went into a McDonald’s I always did not see this option available. I always thought to myself that it might be only available at some upmarket areas/neighbourhood of our small little country, Singapore.

I had almost forgotten about it cleanly until I saw the “Build Your Own Burger Here” signboard in the McDonald’s outlet within Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre.

Exhausted after my swimming session, I decided to reward myself by building my desired burger. McDonald’s coins it “Create Your Taste”


McDonald's Order Review

The touchscreen Order Kiosk is intuitive and it displays the images of the various quality ingredients on offer.

As you can see in the above picture, you will first choose a bun, followed by the default choice of Angus Beef, the vegetables, cheese and sauce. You also have the choice to “Make It Tasty” by adding premium toppings like chicken bacon, guacamole, grilled mushrooms, grilled pineapple, tortilla chips which naturally comes at an additional cost.

If you noticed, I had missed out on selecting the Angus Beef as “No Beef It Up Selected” is shown. Fret not, you can always tap on the individual stages to make amendments.

McDonald’s also have its own signature creations if you find yourself undecided over the ingredients. As of writing, Spicy Tortilla, Tropical Homestyle and Classic Cheese are the choices available. (Refer to link at bottom of post)


McDonald's Order Confirmation

Finally, a question of “Confirm? Double confirm?” greets you.

The total cost came to $8.95 as I decided to not opt for a meal and had not selected any of the premium toppings.


McDonald's locator pager

Take note that for “Create your Taste” orders, it is table service. Immediately after I sat down, the store manager came with a cup of plain water.

The “pager” is in fact a locator for locating where you are seated so that the burger can be sent to you once it is ready.


McDonald's Create Your Taste Burger

Within 5 minutes, the burger was sent to me. Served on a wooden board which gives it a “gourmet” feel, the burger looked extremely scrumptious to me.

As I was taking photos, the store manager approached me asking if I wanted a photograph of myself and the burger be posted on McDonald’s Facebook page so that I can receive a coupon in return. I declined…..for I do not want my “ah beng-looking” face to be splashed across social media :p


McDonald's wipe

A lemon scented wipe sealed in a sachet was provided as well. I wished they could have given two sachets as a cleaning tool for before and after the meal.


McDonald's Create Your Taste Burger Vegetables

Before I launched into a munching frenzy, I inspected the burger to ensure that all the ingredients chosen were being put in.


McDonald's Create Your Taste Burger Review

Taste wise, I really love the semolina bun, it was light, soft and tasty. The vegetables were very fresh and I really like the slightly bitter rocket leaves which added more character to the overall taste. The Angus Beef patty was very tender and juicy but I find it a tad small and wished it was larger.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

It definitely beats eating a regular Big Mac as you can really taste the huge difference in quality of the the ingredients. Paying $8.95 for a gourmet burger is pretty worth it I would say. Go give it a try today and create your own desired burger.


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