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Mat Noh and Rose Ginger Fried Chicken Rice in Whampoa

mat noh ginger chicken stall

Lao Beng loves eating chicken rice or nasi ayam in malay. The thing about chicken is that it is a very versatile meat which can be treated and cooked in a variety of ways.

Mat Noh and Rose authentic ginger fried chicken rice is a halal food stall located in Whampoa Drive Food Centre, I was there to try their famous ginger fried chicken.


mat noh ginger chicken selection

Other than the ginger fried chicken, they also sell fried noodles and nasi padang with an assortment of dishes for your selection.

Mixed vegetables, sausages, fish cakes, tofu, eggs, begedil (potato patty), fried gizzards and livers are just some of the items available for your picking.


mat noh ginger chicken overview

I ordered the ginger fried chicken and Mat Noh (I suppose since he looked like the person in the picture) asked which part of the chicken I prefer. Feeling ambitious and also greedy, I decided to ask for the whole leg. A begedil was also added to make this meal cost a grand total of $6.50 which I felt a tad expensive but I shrugged if off as it could be due to the whole leg that I had ordered.

A bowl of soup was given together with the chicken rice and I self served the condiments of sweet chilli sauce and dark soya sauce.


mat noh ginger chicken

On first look, the large piece of ginger fried chicken leg with the crispy crumbs on top looked super appetizing and the aroma smelt so good with spices and hint of ginger.

I started dipping the drumstick into the sweet chilli sauce and dark soya sauce and took a bite. The chicken was crispy, juicy and tender; you could taste the myriad of spices, one of which is my favourite, cumin.

I finished the whole plate of rice with just the drumstick and begedil and was contemplating for additional rice for the thigh…..which I decided not to…..cannot be too greedy lah…


mat noh ginger chicken crumbs

The crumbs were the best, basically the essence was all in the crumbs. Yummy, crispy, salty and super tasty.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

If you are around the vicinity of Whampoa, do try out this unique hawker food of ginger fried chicken. If you are a small eater, please order a smaller part like chicken breast or thigh as the whole leg proved to be a large serving for me.



Mat Noh and Rose Authentic Ginger Fried Chicken rice

Whampoa Drive Food Centre

91 Whampoa Drive


Singapore 320091