Maisal Nasi Padang

Maisal Nasi Padang along Yio Chu Kang Road

Maisal Nasi Padang Wedding

Maisal Nasi Padang shop was kind of like a hidden find to me. Lao Beng was running an errand nearby Yio Chu Kang Road at around noon and saw this shop serving the lunchtime crowd. I was craving for Malay food as it had been a long while since I last had it. “Maybe I can try later” was my thought as I proceeded on with my errand.

The “later” turned out to be at 2pm as my errand ran longer than expected but still I decided to pay a visit to Maisal Nasi Padang to try my luck. As I walked to the shop, I saw a young man clearing and cleaning up the tables.


Maisal Nasi Padang Stall

On first look, the shop front gave me a very retro old school feel. I pictured myself in my primary school uniform looking for food in the canteen.

I moved forward and was happy to find that there were more than enough dishes for my selection. I called out to the Makcik….”Rice…Makan”


Maisal Nasi Padang Makcik

The Makcik was very friendly as I was slowly picking the dishes while she patiently explained some of the dishes to me.

When I was finally done with the selection, she asked if I wanted “sambal” (chilli) and I said yes. I asked for her permission to take a photo of her and the dishes.

She obliged in a slightly shy manner and told me that I should have come earlier cos there will be more food at noon (for a better picture to be taken). She further mentioned “Come on (a) Friday, as there will be a lot more dishes on Fridays”.  I replied with a smiling face “Ok, next time I come on a Friday”


Maisal Nasi Padang

So what did I order? Bitter gourd, begedil (mashed potato patty), sambal goreng (spicy fried beancurd and long beans) and Beef Rendang. The grand total was a reasonable price of $4.40.

I quickly located a table and tucked in like a hungry man as it was already past 2pm. (not before taking the photos of course)


Maisal Nasi Padang Beef Rendang

The bitter gourd, begedil and sambal goreng all tasted pretty nice, but the best was definitely the Beef Rendang,

The beef awash with the delicious rendang gravy and spices was tender and easy to chew. The flavourful and spicy beef rendang accompanied with the steamed rice was really delectable and it made me munch them in rapid speed like Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

While I was eating, I also noticed people driving up/walking to buy takeaways from the shop. Definitely not a hidden find for them as they must be regulars, but it was definitely a hidden find for Lao Beng.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

If you happen to be in the vicinity, do try out Maisal Nasi Padang for their tasty offerings. I noticed that they do catering for weddings as well; do check out their Facebook page for more information.



1J Yio Chu Kang Road

Singapore 545515

Tel: 62850841