kiat huat wanton noodle 2

Kiat Huat Wanton Noodle in Haig Road Market and Food Centre

kiat huat wanton noodle stall

It was brunch time, Lao Beng was browsing for food in Haig Road Market and Food Centre to curb his perpetual hunger pangs.

A long queue can be spotted at this particular stall named Kiat Huat (吉发) which serves wanton noodle and dumpling noodle. I saw the Chinese wordings describing their egg noodle as handmade and I was immediately sold.


kiat huat wanton noodle queue

Brunch at 10:30am seems perfectly normal for myself and my fellow queue mates.


kiat huat wanton noodle

After a five minute wait, it was my turn and I ordered the standard $2.50 wanton noodle with chilli.

The serving of the noodle and slices of char siew were pretty reasonable for the price.


kiat huat wanton noodle soup

The soup tasted light and not too salty. In all, four wantons were given.


kiat huat wanton noodle 2

I fished out the four wantons and added them to the mix together with the green chilli. The unmistakable fragrance of sesame oil, chilli sauce and dark savoury sauce were mixed thoroughly with the noodle before I began my assault.

The thinly sliced char siew were chewy and well-seasoned and the wantons were very tasty with just the right amount of pork.


kiat huat wanton noodle 3

The egg noodle was tasty as well and has a better texture as compared to generic mee kia found elsewhere. As I gobbled further, I could taste the small crunchy pieces of pork lard which I always like to have in all kinds of noodle.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Tasty handmade egg noodle that comes with four delicious wantons, I personally feel Kiat Huat wanton noodle is priced reasonably at $2.50 . Do give it a try if you happen to be there.



Kiat Huat 吉发 (Closed on Thursdays)

Haig Road Market and Food Centre

14 Haig Rd


Singapore 430014