Indonesian Ayam Bakar up close Changi Village

Indonesian Ayam Bakar in Changi Village Hawker Centre

Indonesian Ayam Bakar Stall Changi Village

There are not many stalls in Singapore dedicated to just selling Ayam Bakar alone. Indonesian Ayam Bakar stall located in Changi Village Hawker Centre is one fine example dedicated to this cuisine.

The lunchtime queue for this stall is always long as they serve a hearty meal for a reasonable price of $4. There are five variations (sauces) available as shown on their signboard from left to right:

Ayam Bakar Diving, Ayam Bakar Masak Merah, Ayam Bakar Samabl Pecel, Ayam Bakar Rendang and Ayam Bakar Sambal Lado.


Indonesian Ayam bakar vegetables Changi Village

The Acar (marinated vegetables) serves as a great condiment with Ayam Bakar.


Indonesian Ayam Bakar Changi Village

Amongst the five variations, I was most attracted to the Ayam Bakar Sambal Lado as it looked super fiery and I needed some kick on that day.

It was served on a gigantic plate and the portion was pretty huge. The dhal soup was light and pretty nice to drink before the main assault.


Indonesian Ayam Bakar up close Changi Village

The acar was very appetizing, tasting the pineapple slices and raw onions drenched in sweet and sour marinade only made me even hungrier.

The sambal lado was pretty spicy and the chunks of chillies and onions tasted fantastically nice with the rice. I could detect the grilled chicken was well marinated with an assortment of spices from the moment I bit on it.

At the end of the meal, I was super full and sweaty but thoroughly satisfied.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Affordable and delicious, I will come back to try the other variations.



Indonesian Ayam Bakar

2 Changi Village Road (Changi Village Hawker Centre)


Singapore 500002