Indonesia Curry Rice Bendemeer Food Centre

Indonesia Curry Rice in Bendemeer Market and Food Centre

Indonesia Curry Rice Stall Bendemeer Food Centre

A friend of mine recommended the Indonesia Curry Rice located in Bendemeer Market and Food Centre saying that it is very tasty and will worth every penny spent. “So nice meh?” I replied back to him with a face of doubt (lao beng style).

Following his advice, I visited Bendemeer Market and Food Centre one fine day. It is just a pebble’s throw away from the Boon Keng MRT Station.

Once I reached the Food Centre at around 12 plus, the queue for Indonesia Curry Rice was snaking long.


Indonesia Curry Rice Dishes

They have a variety of fried items and vegetables; I was particularly drawn to their chicken drumstick. The owners even provide tissues for their customers.


Indonesia Curry Rice Dishes 2

I was seduced by the slabs of kong bak (braised pork belly).


Indonesia Curry Rice Bendemeer Food Centre

When it came to my turn, the auntie asked if I wanted white or yellow rice, I chose white rice and ordered bitter gourd, drumstick and the ever seductive kong bak. I opted for both the curry and kong bak gravies to be drenched over the rice.

The young lad at the stall told me it cost $4.50 and he was ever so polite asking if I wanted anything else. After I said no, he told me to enjoy the food and to patronize them again.

Once I found a table and sat down, I realized the portions were humongous.  I started eating and really loved the taste of the rice drenched with the blissfully married gravies. The bitter gourd had eggs in them, the perfectly deboned drumstick was crispy and tasty and the kong bak was juicy and tender.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

The pros: tasty food, large portions, friendly stall owners, what more can you ask for? The only con is the waiting time due to the long queue but if you can queue for Hello Kitty or iPhone, I am sure you will not mind queuing for good food like this.



Indonesia Curry Rice

Bendemeer Market and Food Centre

29 Bendemeer Road


Singapore 330029