holy grill crispy fried fish

Holy Grill Authentic Western Cuisine in Old Airport Road Food Centre

holy grill western food stall

Apart from local hawker food, all of us like to have western food every now and then. What deters us is usually the high cost of eating western food, this is especially so if we eat in restaurants or cafes.

Thus it is a godsend that we have western food stalls in coffee shops and hawker centres in Singapore. Lao Beng was at Old Airport Road Food Centre on a late afternoon to check out the Western Food from a stall named Holy Grill.


holy grill western food menu

The illuminated menu is very clear and concise but you will definitely be spoilt for choice. I could not really make up my mind but the top left picture of the menu caught my attention.

I proceeded to place an order for the Crispy Fried Fish but the auntie gave me an order chit to fill in my order and my choices of two sides. As you can see at the foot of the menu, there are many side dishes to choose from. Pasta Salad and Potato Salad were my choices.


holy grill western food crispy fried fish

It took less than ten minutes for my order to arrive. The crispy fried fish was pretty large and for the price of $6.50, I felt it was a reasonable price especially when it comes with two quality sides.

Honestly speaking, the usual sides from a hawker centre or coffee shop western food stall would usually be the boring, soulless standard of fries and coleslaw.


holy grill western food sides

Servings of the sides were generous, the pasta salad tasted pretty standard. I liked the potato salad as it contained green apple slices and raisins which made the salad taste crunchy and nice.

I thought it was a very smart idea to have their stall name and address on the plate, it somewhat imprinted in my mind and stays there.


holy grill western food crispy fried fish upclose

The crispiness of the batter on the outside, the moist and tender fish meat on the inside combined well to give it a tasty texture. The tartar sauce and chilli sauce further enhanced the taste.

Overall, it tasted better than similarly priced Fish and Chips out there.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

This is definitely not the Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant of the western food scene in Singapore. However, with a plethora of choices of mains and sides plus the reasonable pricing, this is a much better choice than standard western food stalls serving soulless and boring combo of fries and coleslaw as their sides. Do try it when you are in the vicinity.



Holy Grill Authentic Western Cuisine

Blk 51 Old Airport Road Market and Food Centre


Singapore 390051