crossings cafe chicken parmigiana

Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street

crossings cafe

Want to eat tasty food and do good at the same time? Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street is the answer.

Lao Beng and his mother visited Crossings Cafe for what would be the third time as my mother was craving for the Chicken Parmigiana we shared the last time round.

A little background on Crossings Cafe, it is a social enterprise that employs the disadvantaged and youths at risk to help condition and develop them for a  better future. The current collaboration with Assumption Pathway School which is a Catholic vocational institute helps to give their interns and graduates meaningful employment over at Crossings Cafe.

So, how can you do good by eating here? The answer is all profits generated by Crossings Cafe will be used for charitable causes.


crossings cafe interior

The moment you step into the cafe, you will notice the bible quotes on the yellowed wall and the retro looking hanging lights.


crossings cafe decor

We came rather early just before the lunchtime crowd arrived. I have always liked their simplistic decoration of light-coloured layered bricks that forms the front of the counter and kitchen.


Crossings Cafe Mother Mary and Jesus

The statue of Mother Mary and Infant Jesus is a calming presence whilst dining here.


Crossings Cafe Menu

Oh well, time to order some food! At the time of visit, it was during the season of Lent (an observance for Christians that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends before Easter Sunday). During this liturgical observance, Christians will have to repent, atone for their sins, fasting and abstinence.

Thus, the Lunch Specials menu looked different as compared to our last visit. The Mains only have choices of vegetarian and fishes which in my opinion is to serve the purpose of abstinence of meat (Fish is allowed). The “Smoked Salmon with Lobster Cream Baked Rice” caught my eye.

If you are a meat eater, please do not worry as they have other menus that will suit your taste buds.


Crossings Cafe Menu 2

As I was saying my mother craved for the Chicken Parmigiana, we noticed this time round it is slightly different as they have tweaked the dish and is now known as “Chicken And Mushroom Parmigiana”.

We proceeded to order the “Smoked Salmon with Lobster Cream Baked Rice” and “Chicken And Mushroom Parmigiana”.


crossings cafe food

When the dishes came, they smelled so nice or perhaps it was because I was extremely famished as I did not take breakfast.

We decided to share our main courses so that we can have the best of both worlds.


crossings cafe chicken parmigiana

The Chicken And Mushroom Parmigiana was crispy and flavourful. I have always liked their breaded boneless chicken leg as it has a very nice fragrance and taste of herbs and spices; the meat tender and easy to chew.

The mushrooms gave a much chunkier experience as compared to the normal version we had previously.


Crossings Cafe Salmon Baked Rice

The Smoked Salmon with Lobster Cream Baked Rice was not bad either. I was able to taste the salty smokiness of the salmon bits and the rice infused with lobster cream made me feel like I was eating lobster bisque in its solid form.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

This is a place where you can have nice food and at the same time do a good deed which is not just on the monetary side. It also teaches you to be patient and understanding to their servers especially if you are in a large group as you may have to repeat yourself and give them more time to take down your orders.

So, do go down and support them not with just your wallet but also your heart as well.

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Crossings Cafe

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

55 Waterloo Street (Ground floor of Catholic Centre)

Singapore  187954

Nearest MRT: Bras Basah