Char Grill Bar Grilled Chicken

Char-Grill Bar in Hougang Street 21

Char-Grill Bar Stall

The Char-Grill Bar signboard/logo always looks so familiar and that is because you had probably seen one in your neighbourhood as it has 20+ outlets in Singapore.

Well, Lao Beng chanced upon this particular outlet in a coffee shop located in Hougang Street 21 one evening. Seeing so many people browsing the gigantic menu made me decide to give it a try.

After browsing for the longest time (too many delicious sounding names), I ordered a Mexican Grilled Chicken and was told to select two sides. With a quick browse of their wide range of hot and cold dishes, I decided on Mexican Cheese Pasta and Onion Rings. The total was a reasonable price of $6.90 ; a number stand was then given to me to be placed at the table.


Char-Grill Bar Mexican Grilled Chicken

After a short wait of five minutes, my order came. The serving of the grilled chicken as well as the selected sides were substantial for a big guy like me.

I especially welcomed the large bottle of chilli sauce as 2-3 sachets are never enough for me.


Char-Grill Bar Grilled Chicken

The Mexican Grilled Chicken was done pretty well and tasted deliciously good with the gravy and chilli sauce. Sides were pretty standard but acceptably nice, it definitely beats having the usual fries and coleslaw that are the default sides for most neighborhood western food stalls.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

With a wide selection of mains as well as hot and cold sides, this is a good place to have your western food fix at reasonable prices. Do check out the useful links below for the various locations and menus.


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