Changi V. Dessert House Chendol

Changi V. Dessert House (樟宜村甜品屋) in Changi Village Hawker Centre

Changi V. Dessert House Stall

For Pokemon Go players, Changi Village is one of those hot spots for rare Pokemons. You can find Pokemons and Pokestops at the hawker centre (Blk 2 and 3), the neighbouring blocks 1,4,5 and 6, the ferry terminal, Changi Beach Park, Civil Service Club, Changi Village Hotel, etc, etc.

With so many places within the vicinity to catch Pokemon it will only mean that you will sweat, thirst and go hungry easily. The variety of food choices over here is synonymous to the list of Pokemons that can be found here.

Changi V. Dessert House (樟宜村甜品屋) is Lao Beng’s favourite dessert stall for a good refuel whenever I go on my Pokemon Go hunt in Changi Village.


Changi V. Dessert House selection

The choices here are aplenty, one of which is their signature Commando Dessert which is basically red tea jelly and longan on shaved ice. If you did not know, the nearby Hendon Camp houses Singapore’s very own Red Berets, our elite Commandos. I guess this dessert is named as a tribute to them by the owners.

To be honest, this is the only place that I can find such a uniquely named and type of dessert in Singapore.


Changi V. Dessert House

My usual choice of dessert is a standard chendol at $2. Unlike elsewhere, the owners here deliver their bowl of dessert with extra care and give more attention to design to make the end product look more appetizing.

They do not make your desserts in a hasty manner, they will always carefully drizzle the coconut milk in a generous manner encircling the bowl of shaved ice; as well as doing the same with the gula melaka syrup and evaporated milk to ensure that every mouthful is wonderfully delicious.


Changi V. Dessert House Chendol

While others would just dump the attap seeds at the base, they always put them on top without fail.


Changi V. Dessert House Chendol 2

The Chendol has a very rich coconut taste and every mouthful is heaven.


Changi V. Dessert House Commando Dessert

Last but not least the Commando Dessert (also at $2), the red tea jelly cubes are very sweet and delicious, they complement very well with the longans.

It proves to be a super cooling dessert on a humid day and I always see many patrons ordering this particular dessert.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

In your quest to “catch them all”, I believe you can also “try them all”. Do try out the desserts over at Changi V. Dessert House when you go Pokemon hunting there!



Changi V. Dessert House (樟宜村甜品屋)

2 Changi Village Road (Changi Village Hawker Centre)


Singapore 500002