arnolds fried chicken up close

Arnold’s Fried Chicken in Hougang Green Shopping Mall

arnold's fried chicken hougang green

Arnold’s Fried Chicken, I have read/heard this name umpteen times be it online or with friends who say that they are the Singapore’s answer to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Lao Beng happened to be around Hougang Green Shopping Mall and decided to check out the Arnold’s Fried Chicken outlet there. Like KFC, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has Halal certification as well.

The moment I entered, I noticed that the ordering counter was directly on my left. I took a quick browse and settled on a two piece meal at $6.60.


arnold's fried chicken pager

A pager was given to me and I sat near the pick up counter.


arnold's fried chicken pick up counter

Unlike KFC where the fried chicken will be served immediately upon ordering, Arnold’s Fried Chicken requires a waiting time.

Which means they will only fry the chicken after you have ordered, this is a big plus to me.


arnold's fried chicken 2pc meal

After people gazing for about five minutes, my pager buzzed and I went to pick up my order.

In addition to the two pieces of chicken were fries and coleslaw, the fries were rather crispy and not so salty and the coleslaw was pretty standard.


arnold's fried chicken up close

I started attacking the fried chicken, tore out the crispy bits and put them aside.

The piping hot fried chicken were well fried and tasted tender and juicy. The skin is thin but crisply delicious.

Basically, the chicken has a homely taste. It does not have the strong herbs and spices taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken but it tasted like a honest piece of chicken without too much “makeup” (spices).


arnold's fried chicken skin

Save the best for last!! These crispy bits tasted real nice and crunchy!


Lao Beng’s Verdict

If you ever got sick of eating KFC and wanted something simple, Arnold’s Fried chicken is the answer for you. Please support our Singapore brand!!

They have three outlets island wide (at point of writing), please refer to their website and Facebook page for menu, pricing and updated information.



Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Main Branch)

City Plaza

810 Geylang Rd


Singapore 409286

Tel: 6746 2372

Fax: 6741 4172


Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Yishun 10 Outlet)

Yishun 10 Cinema Cineplex

51 Yishun Central 1


Singapore 768794

Tel: 6757 7732

Fax: 6757 7726


Arnold’s Fried Chicken (Hougang Outlet)

Hougang Green Shopping Mall

21 Hougang Street 51


Singapore 538719

Tel: 6386 9015

Fax: 6386 9051