tsuru-koshi udon

Tsuru-Koshi Udon in Takashimaya Shopping Centre

tsuru-koshi udon stall

Takashimaya Shopping Centre Basement 2 is a nice place to find all genres of food; especially Japanese ones. Tsuru-Koshi Udon is a great place for quality Japanese Udon at affordable prices.

They have a wide variety of toppings to choose from as you will find yourself staring from top to bottom at the illuminated menu. Then you will turn your attention to the promotional stands before making a final decision, hoping that your choice will be a good one.

I decided to order a Char Siew + Kakiage Udon at the price of $13.50 and top up $0.80 for a cup of hot ocha. The staff passed me a number stand and ushered me to a seat around the counter.


tsuru-koshi udon kakiage

The prawn kakiage looked absolutely delectable at first glance. This is the first time I tried a kakiage with meat and I loved the chewy-crispy kakiage with the soft prawn meat helping to cushion some of my teeth from my over-exuberant munching.


tsuru-koshi udon

The soup had a nice fragrance and tasted pretty light with the Udon cooked to a springy texture. Char siew slices were tender and soft to the bite.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Tsuru-Koshi Udon is a good place for your Udon fix after your vigorous shopping workout along Orchard Road.

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Tsuru-Koshi Udon

Takashimaya Shopping Centre

391 Orchard Road


Singapore 238872

Nearest MRT: Orchard (NSL)