ananda bhavan vegetarian onion uthappam side

Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant along Syed Alwi Road

ananda bhavan vegetarian restaurant

If you love shopping at Mustafa Centre, I am sure you will be bushed and hungry after browsing and buying countless items in the big shopping centre.

Here was Lao Beng feeling famished after my shopping trip at Mustafa, I had wanted to walk to the South Indian Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant Komala’s Villas for my favourite South Indian food – Bathura/Bhattura/Bhatoora. (Different spellings but almost the same pronounciation.)

I happened to see Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant located opposite of Mustafa Centre and decided to give it a try. Read More

Deen's Food Stall egg appam 2

Deen’s Food Stall – Appam Specialist in Tekka Market and Food Centre

Deen's Food Stall Appam Specialist

Right after Lao Beng’s brunch at 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles in Tekka Market and Food Centre, I found myself still stuck in the Food Centre due to the ongoing rain. A perfect excuse to eat the appam that so many people were seen eating in the hawker centre.

Appam is a south indian pancake made with fermented rice flour batter and coconut milk. I was scouring stall after stall looking for this particular hawker food.

When I saw Deen’s Food Stall, I was immediately attracted to the pair of gigantic words of “Appam Specialist” which are so much larger than their stall name. Read More