Deen's Food Stall egg appam 2

Deen’s Food Stall – Appam Specialist in Tekka Market and Food Centre

Deen's Food Stall Appam Specialist

Right after Lao Beng’s brunch at 545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles in Tekka Market and Food Centre, I found myself still stuck in the Food Centre due to the ongoing rain. A perfect excuse to eat the appam that so many people were seen eating in the hawker centre.

Appam is a south indian pancake made with fermented rice flour batter and coconut milk. I was scouring stall after stall looking for this particular hawker food.

When I saw Deen’s Food Stall, I was immediately attracted to the pair of gigantic words of “Appam Specialist” which are so much larger than their stall name. Read More

545 Whampoa prawn noodles

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles in Tekka Market and Food Centre

545 Whampoa prawn noodles stall

Lao Beng was at Tekka Market and Food Centre on a late rainy morning looking for brunch. I was browsing stall after stall wondering what to eat when I saw a stall from afar having a queue even when other stalls had no customers.

I moved closer and saw a young “Chio Bu” (Hokkien for pretty lady) expertly cooking the prawn noodles and she was assisted by an old couple. Without any hesitation, I joined the queue. I was wondering if the two guys ahead of me were queuing for good prawn noodles or for a better view of the young hawker. Read More