Armenian Street Char Kway Teow

Armenian Street Char Kway Teow in Anchorvale Link, Sengkang

Armenian Street Char Kway Teow Stall

Armenian Street Char Kway Teow (亚米尼亚街炒粿条) has a history going all the way back to the late 1940s. It started out as a push-cart stall before settling into a small coffee shop at the corner of Armenian Street and stayed there until 2007. They had to shift due to redevelopment of the area and now calls Sengkang as its home with another stall in Tampines as well as Sin Ming; but at the time of this post the Sin Ming branch is closed till further notice. Read More

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Update: It has been announced that the last day of operation for Sungei Road Thieves’ Market will be on 10th July 2017.  Yet another Singapore heritage gone…


When was the last time you visited Sungei Road Thieves Market? Wait………….did you know that it actually exists (as of writing) and will soon no longer be in existence? Read More

haw par villa entrance

Haw Par Villa Theme Park

haw par villa entrance

Almost every place of attraction in Singapore needs an entrance fee, entrance to Haw Par Villa however, is free. It had been more than twenty odd years since Lao Beng last visited Haw Par Villa when I was just in primary school. I still remember I was haunted by the sights that greeted me and had nightmares for a couple of days.

Back then, I will have this creepy feeling of being watched in Haw Par Villa. It is as though the eyes of the statues followed me wherever I went…..

So, on a quiet weekday during the 7th Lunar month (Hungry Ghost Festival), I finally decided to revisit Haw Par Villa again. Unlike last time when it was arduous to travel to Haw Par Villa, it is so much more convenient now as the Haw Par Villa MRT Station (CC25) is just beside it.

The strange coincidence is that on the same day I visited Haw Par Villa, Singapore Tourism Board broke the news that they had appointed Journeys, a travel company to operate and manage Haw Par Villa but admission will still be free.

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gin thye cake white cakes and teochew mooncake

Gin Thye Cake Maker 锦泰西果饼家 – Traditional Chinese Pastries and Cakes

gin thye cake stall

Gin Thye Cake Maker 锦泰西果饼家 is a Traditional Chinese Pastries and Cakes maker since 1964. They are famous for producing high quality confection for various Chinese Festivities like Baby Showers, Weddings, Seventh Lunar Month (Hungry Ghost Festival),  Mid-Autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival) and other festivities.

I visited the Sembawang outlet near to the 8pm closing time (other outlets as shown on the name card at the end of this post are 24hrs).

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Sing Hon Loong Bakery bread slicing upclose

Ghee Leong – Sing Hon Loong Bakery (新丰隆面包厂) in Whampoa

Sing Hon Loong Bakery Shop

What is the greatest thing since sliced bread? It is still sliced bread!! Lao Beng (yours truly) really missed the old school traditional bakery shops like the Ghee Leong – Sing Hon Loong Bakery (新丰隆面包厂) located in Whampoa, near the Whampoa Drive Market and Food Centre.

When I was young boy in the late 80s and early 90s traditional bakeries like this was just a stone throw away from where I stay. I remember buying the bread, toasting it with my mini oven and spreading planta butter (this foolish boy thought planta was real butter) and hainanese kaya (coconut jam) on it.

Sometimes when our family couldn’t finish the whole loaf it will turn mouldy on the second night or third day. Read More


SG50 Funpack – Singapore’s Golden Jubilee Celebration


2015 is the year that Singapore celebrates its Golden Jubilee (50 years of Self-Independence), as some of you might know every Singaporean and Permanent Resident household will receive a SG50 Funpack. The thing about this SG50 Funpack is that not all packs are the same in terms of bag design and items.

I picked up mine today and the bag is printed with excerpts from lyrics of Dick Lee’s 1998 composition “Home”.

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