yi liu xiang nasi lemak

Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak in Hainanese Village Food Centre

yi liu xiang nasi lemak stall

It was around 10.30 in the morning and here was Lao Beng way behind the queue for Yi Liu Xiang (一流香) Nasi Lemak. Lao Beng was craving for the kuning fish (Yellowstripe scad) for months since my last visit.

I was hoping against hope that the kuning fish would still be available as the queue was long and the patrons in front of me were ordering multiple takeaways. Read More

Char Grill Bar Grilled Chicken

Char-Grill Bar in Hougang Street 21

Char-Grill Bar Stall

The Char-Grill Bar signboard/logo always looks so familiar and that is because you had probably seen one in your neighbourhood as it has 20+ outlets in Singapore.

Well, Lao Beng chanced upon this particular outlet in a coffee shop located in Hougang Street 21 one evening. Seeing so many people browsing the gigantic menu made me decide to give it a try.

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knuckles bistro pork knuckle

Knuckles Bistro in Kovan

knuckles bistro decor

Lao Beng eats hawker food most of the time but there will be occasions when he will also try out food in cafes and restaurants. This is especially so if he does not need to fork out a single cent. Yes, Lao Beng is a cheapskate.

My friend decided to treat me to lunch for returning a favour that I had helped in previously.

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