crossings cafe chicken parmigiana

Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street

crossings cafe

Want to eat tasty food and do good at the same time? Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street is the answer.

Lao Beng and his mother visited Crossings Cafe for what would be the third time as my mother was craving for the Chicken Parmigiana we shared the last time round. Read More

knuckles bistro pork knuckle

Knuckles Bistro in Kovan

knuckles bistro decor

Lao Beng eats hawker food most of the time but there will be occasions when he will also try out food in cafes and restaurants. This is especially so if he does not need to fork out a single cent. Yes, Lao Beng is a cheapskate.

My friend decided to treat me to lunch for returning a favour that I had helped in previously.

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