baikohken tantanmen

Baikohken Ramen in Takashimaya Shopping Centre

baikokken ramen stall

I used to patronize the Baikohken Ramen outlet in Circular road when I was working in the CBD many moons ago. The outlet has since closed and nowadays whenever I have cravings for their ramen, I will go to their outlet located in Takashimaya basement. (plus can go there window shopping after a hearty meal) Read More

crossings cafe chicken parmigiana

Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street

crossings cafe

Want to eat tasty food and do good at the same time? Crossings Cafe along Waterloo Street is the answer.

Lao Beng and his mother visited Crossings Cafe for what would be the third time as my mother was craving for the Chicken Parmigiana we shared the last time round. Read More