Singapore’s Share a Coke campaign

hawker food and coke

If you did not know, Singapore’s ‘Share a Coke” campaign started in late April 2015 and is slated to end on 31 August 2015 (Source). This campaign basically features names, nicknames and phrases close to the hearts of Singaporeans in place of the Coca-Cola logo.

I am sure you would have probably seen an assortment of names ranging from “”Ah Kong”, “Ah Ma”, “Uncle”, “Auntie” and some singlish terms like “Tow Kay”, “Chio” and many others on various sizes of Coca-Cola cans/bottles.

I had the opportunity to customise a can of coke after purchasing over $10 worth of Coca-Cola products at the Roadshow in Bugis Junction that will run until 9th August 2015.

Naturally I went for the name “Hawker Food”, I am sure there are times when we drink Coke together with our hawker food.

Do visit to check where the Roadshows will be to create your personalised can of Coke before the campaign ends.