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Pin Xiang 品香 – Fried Oyster (Orh Luak) in Chong Pang

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Of late, various kinds of hawker food have been the subject for politicians as Singaporeans head to the polls on the 11th of September 2015. One of the hawker food mentioned was none other than “Orh Luak” which is Fried Oyster (蚝煎 ). This is a dish of oysters fried with eggs and a batter made up of tapioca flour which gives you a sticky and starchy texture.

Some could not even differentiate between an orh luak to an orh neng (蚝蛋) which is basically oyster omelette without the tapioca flour batter.

Such events created a surge in social media postings of various hawker food in different electoral boundaries in Singapore. I was somewhat influenced by the orh luak politics and decided to get my fix at Pin Xiang – 品香 stall in Chong Pang Market and Food Centre.


pin xiang selections

The stall also sells black carrot cake, crispy carrot cake, 2-in-1 carrot cake which is a combination of the aforementioned. As well as local and Penang styled fried kway teow, punggol mee goreng, fried oyster and fried prawn omelettes.

Wait a minute, why do they call it omelette? Anyway, the solution is to use the Teochew names orh luak or orh neng to best distinguish what you want to order.


pin xiang fried oyster orh luak

I ordered the small portion of fried oyster at $5. Business was brisk but the cooks were pretty efficient and I received my orh luak within ten minutes.

The chilli sauce is a must-have companion when eating orh luak. I have this habit of pouring the chilli all over the orh luak before eating.


pin xiang fried oyster orh luak upclose

I fished out some of the oysters and they looked pretty large and fresh. In total, there were about 5-6 oysters.

I liked the sticky and yet crispy texture of the orh luak, the eggs and tapicoa flour batter were fried nicely to the right crisp. The oysters tasted juicy and fresh, they were cooked just nice which did not give me the raw taste.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Do try out the orh luak at Pin Xiang as well as other dishes they offer. However, please eat in moderation as such dishes are kind of unhealthy. Moderation in all things that we do is always key.



Pin Xiang – 品香

Chong Pang Market and Food Centre

Blk 105 Yishun Ring Rd


Singapore 760105