johor bahru pau tim sum amy yip pau

Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum (新山手工包点) in Changi Village

johor bahru pau tim sum shop

The “paus/baos” that we eat nowadays are usually factory-made and tend to be too boring at times. So it is always a warm welcome to embrace handmade paus once in a while. Johor Bahru Pau/ Tim Sum (新山手工包点) is located in Changi Village so that we need not make our way across the causeway to buy. It is a nice little shop that sells an assortment of handmade paus with unique names attached to their individual creation. Read More

Mei Xiang Black and White Fish Soup

Mei Xiang Black and White Fish Soup (美香黑白鱼片汤) in Berseh Food Centre

Mei Xiang Black and White Fish Soup Stall

Mention black and white fish soup, Mei Xiang easily comes to mind. Mei Xiang black and white fish soup (美香黑白鱼片汤) is a popular stall during lunchtime over at Berseh Food Centre.

You can almost always see a long queue for their signature fish soup and patrons sitting at their section are all usually having their delicious fish soup.

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Zhen Hao Lor Mee

Zhen Hao Lor Mee (珍好卤面)in North Bridge Road Market and Food Centre

Zhen Hao Lor Mee Stall

Lor Mee, some love it, others simply do not like it. For me, Lor Mee is one of Singapore’s most original hawker food and it originated from the Hokkien community in Singapore.

Lao Beng visited North Bridge Road Market and Food Centre one morning to try out Zhen Hao Lor Mee (珍好卤面).

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Changi V. Dessert House Chendol

Changi V. Dessert House (樟宜村甜品屋) in Changi Village Hawker Centre

Changi V. Dessert House Stall

For Pokemon Go players, Changi Village is one of those hot spots for rare Pokemons. You can find Pokemons and Pokestops at the hawker centre (Blk 2 and 3), the neighbouring blocks 1,4,5 and 6, the ferry terminal, Changi Beach Park, Civil Service Club, Changi Village Hotel, etc, etc.

With so many places within the vicinity to catch Pokemon it will only mean that you will sweat, thirst and go hungry easily. The variety of food choices over here is synonymous to the list of Pokemons that can be found here.

Changi V. Dessert House (樟宜村甜品屋) is Lao Beng’s favourite dessert stall for a good refuel whenever I go on my Pokemon Go hunt in Changi Village. Read More

u hakka niang tou fu

U Hakka Niang Tou Fu in Circuit Road Food Centre

u hakka niang tou fu stall

Most of us love to eat Yong Tau Foo as it is always deemed as a healthier choice as compared with other hawker food.

The sad thing is that nowadays generic Yong Tau Foo ingredients are largely factory made. However, there are still a few good hawkers that make their Yong Tau Foo by hand.

U Hakka Niang Tou Fu located in Circuit Road Food Centre is one good example of authentic traditional Hakka Yong Tau Foo. Read More

yi liu xiang nasi lemak

Yi Liu Xiang Nasi Lemak in Hainanese Village Food Centre

yi liu xiang nasi lemak stall

It was around 10.30 in the morning and here was Lao Beng way behind the queue for Yi Liu Xiang (一流香) Nasi Lemak. Lao Beng was craving for the kuning fish (Yellowstripe scad) for months since my last visit.

I was hoping against hope that the kuning fish would still be available as the queue was long and the patrons in front of me were ordering multiple takeaways. Read More

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Sungei Road Thieves Market

Update: It has been announced that the last day of operation for Sungei Road Thieves’ Market will be on 10th July 2017.  Yet another Singapore heritage gone…


When was the last time you visited Sungei Road Thieves Market? Wait………….did you know that it actually exists (as of writing) and will soon no longer be in existence? Read More