Komala's Restaurant Bhattura Meal

Komala’s Restaurant – Vegetarian Fast Food along Serangoon Road

Komala's Restaurant Little India

Komala’s Restaurants is perhaps the most well-known Indian Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant in Singapore.

They have several outlets in Singapore and the one Lao Beng frequents the most is the outlet along Serangoon Road which is located near the Farrer Park MRT Station.


Komala's Restaurant Cashier

Once you step into the restaurant, you will be facing the cashier. The sequence of order over here is:

1) Place your order at the cashier

2) Pass your receipt to the personnel manning the Service Counter. Collect your food and pick up a number display if there is any pending item

3) Sit anywhere you like


Komala's Restaurant Menu

Over at Komala’s Restaurant, they have a wide selection of South Indian Vegetarian food.


Komala's Restaurant Meal Menu

They also have interesting combo and value meals that come with a side and drink.


Komala's Restaurant Service Counter

After you have placed your order, proceed to the Service Counter and pass your receipt to the personnel manning the counter.

Your order will usually be ready within minutes and a display number will be given to you for any pending item; the staff will bring the item to you once ready.


Komala's Restaurant Bhattura Meal

As usual, I ordered the Bhattura and Fries Meal (Item V6 on the combo/value meal menu) for the price of $8. The price is kind of high but I needed my Bhattura fix that very day.

Bhattura also spelled as Bhatura, Bhatoora, Batura and Batoora is a deep-fried leavened bread. It is a large fluffy ball which is pretty oily but has an extremely lovely taste.


Komala's Restaurant Chickpea Curry

Chickpea (Garbanzo Bean) lovers will surely adore the Chickpea Curry. It is a must have condiment for dipping the Bhattura.

In fact, it is so good you can eat it on its own. The chunky chickpea will remind you of the old school Kacang Puteh sold at Cinemas during the 1980s.


Komala's Restaurant Bhattura

I love eating the raw onion and chilli together with the Bhattura. The crunchy bite and the punchy taste add a lot of flavour to the delicious Bhattura.


Komala's Restaurant Fries

The piping hot fries has a spicy and peppery taste that differs from the boring Western fast food fries.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Price-wise, it is definitely not cheap but when you have cravings for Indian Vegetarian Fast food, Komala’s Restaurant is still one of the best in Singapore.

Do check out their other locations in Singapore. They have delivery service as well and you can refer to their delivery menu

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Komala’s Restaurant (Little India)

328-332 Serangoon Road

Singapore 218113

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park (NEL- North East Line)

Other locations: http://komalasrestaurants.com/our-locations/