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Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum (新山手工包点) in Changi Village

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The “paus/baos” that we eat nowadays are usually factory-made and tend to be too boring at times. So it is always a warm welcome to embrace handmade paus once in a while. Johor Bahru Pau/ Tim Sum (新山手工包点) is located in Changi Village so that we need not make our way across the causeway to buy. It is a nice little shop that sells an assortment of handmade paus with unique names attached to their individual creation.


johor bahru pau tim sum article

What kind of creation you may ask? Just look at the article written on that is pasted outside their shop for a good introduction and laughter 🙂

Every kid in the 80s/early 90s will surely know who Amy Yip (叶子楣) is because of her large bosom and funny roles in Hong Kong movies back then left a lasting image in our childhood memory.


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They have an assortment of selection which includes “Wealthy Sured-win Jumbo Pau”, “Amy Yip’s Jumbo Pau” and many others.


johor bahru pau tim sum shop menu

I was quite amazed that they sell paus with flavours like pepper crab, chilli crab, black sesame and peanut paste.

The golden sand egg yolk bun on the extreme right looks real tempting.


johor bahru pau tim sum menu

They also offer standard big pau (chicken/pork), braised pork, BBQ pork and other common paus and dim sum that are commonly found in coffeshops.


johor bahru pau tim sum

Amy Yip’s Jumbo Pau looks gigantic enough to be served as a meal instead of a snack! After pondering for some time, I decided to buy the Amy Yip’s Jumbo Pau at the price of $3.50 to bring home and try.


johor bahru pau tim sum amy yip pau

I usually use this bowl for serving two packets of instant noodles and it was the right fit for the jumbo pau!

Be sure to reheat it before eating as nobody likes eating cold buns…


johor bahru pau tim sum amy yip pau

The ingredients inside look sumptuous. Other than the meat and egg, it also contains chinese sausage, mushrooms, chives and vegetables.


johor bahru pau tim sum amy yip pau

As I took more photos, the sauce started to ooze out and I wasted no time further and quickly munched on it.

The juicy pau was delicious, it had been a long time since I tasted such juicy pau with yummy ingredients and the pau had a pretty soft texture too.

While eating this pau, I actually reminisced a riddle given by a fellow classmate when I was a kid.

Classmate: “Name a country that is half of Amy Yip (叶子楣 )”

Me: Huh???

Classmate: “Italy lah….half of Amy Yip is 一大粒* mah………..”

*一大粒 – “one large grain” in Chinese that phonetically sounds like Italy.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Handmade pau lovers should really visit Johor Bahru Pau/Tim Sum (新山手工包点) to try out their unique assortment of delicious paus.



Johor Bahru Pau/Tim-Sum (新山手工包点)

4 Changi Village Road


Singapore 500004