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JoGurtz – The Frozen Yogurt Bar in Old Airport Road Food Centre

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Right after my western food adventure over at Holy Grill, I was very surprised when I chanced upon a stall selling Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) in Old Airport Road Food Centre.

This stall reminded me of the yogurt store llao llao and I could never understand the long queue for it.

Lao Beng has never eaten llao llao before but have tried Yami Yogurt on many occasions. I am usually a Greek yogurt eater and would always buy a big tub (Dairy Farmers or Farmers Union brands) in supermarkets.

I decided to give it a try to support JoGurtz and it was also Cooling-Off Day, a perfect excuse for cooling myself down with a cup of yogurt a day before Singaporeans voted on the Polling Day.

Two sizes are available at JoGurtz, small (9 oz) at $3.50 and large (12 oz) at $5.00 as seen in the picture above.


jogurtz yogurt toppings

I ordered the Large Size (12 oz) from the Auntie and took some time deciding on the toppings as there were many choices.


jogurtz yogurt toppings upclose

I finally settled on the toppings of strawberry, dragon fruit, almonds, colourful marshmallows and the froyo to be drizzled in chocolate sauce.


jogurtz yogurt

On first look, it sure does remind you of llao llao. In a hot hawker centre, the froyo started to melt and I quickly took photos of it.


jogurtz yogurt upclose

JoGurtz’s frozen yogurt tasted not too sour and not too sweet, it kind of reminded me of Yami yogurt. The toppings complemented well with the froyo giving it a fruity flavour and the marshmallow added sweetness to it.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

If you can queue for expensive yogurt in shopping centres, why not come over to Old Airport Road Food Centre to savour all kinds of hawker food and right after that have a cup of JoGurtz’s healthy frozen yogurt to aid in your digestion.

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JoGurtz – The Frozen Yogurt Bar

Blk 51 Old Airport Road Market and Food Centre


Singapore 390051