Ibrahim Mee Stall Maggi Goreng Special Combo

Ibrahim Mee Stall in Adam Road Food Centre

Ibrahim Mee Stall Adam Road

Where do you go if you have a sudden craving for both maggi goreng and mutton steak/chop? Ibrahim Mee Stall located in Adam Road Food Centre is the answer if you want to have a combination of these two popular dishes and you can even add cheese and mayo fries into the equation. This dish is called Maggi Goreng Special Combo.

At Ibrahim Mee Stall, they also sell nasi goreng (fried rice) , tulang merah (red bone marrow soup), roti john and many other delights.


Ibrahim Mee Stall Maggi Goreng Special Combo

Lao Beng ordered the maggi goreng special combo which cost $6, you can also order the same special combo in the form of mee, bee hoon, kway teow and even nasi goreng all at the same price of $6 each.

Reasonable portions for the noodle, mutton steak and cheese and mayo fries were my initial impressions of this dish.


Ibrahim Mee Stall Maggi Goreng

The oily maggi goreng was mildly spicy and taste very appetizing. The thing about cooking with maggi noodle is that it always tastes well no matter how you cook it. (unless you overcooked it…)

Cooking it ala mee goreng makes it even more delectable.


Ibrahim Mee Stall Mutton Steak

The cheese and mayo fries were pretty good as they were still crispy even though cheese and mayo sauces were drenched all over.

My favourite portion of this dish has to be the mutton steak! Lao Beng used to eat a standard mutton steak meal when I was a teenager/ young adult but as I aged, I tend to cut down on red meat. Thus this portion was just right for me as I took in the flavourful sweet taste of the sauce. The mutton cubes were simply delicious as I chewed on them individually to absorb all the goodness.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Ibrahim Mee Stall’s maggi goreng specical combo is truly unique and delicious, give it a go today!



Ibrahim Mee Stall

Adam Road Food Centre

2 Adam Rd

Singapore 289876

Nearest MRT: Botanic Gardens