grandma's tingkat lunch dishes

Grandma’s Restaurant Tingkat Lunch in Suntec City

grandma's restaurant

Lao Beng brought his mother out for some shopping over at Suntec City one early morning in end October. As lunch approached, we walked around browsing at the different eateries and food courts wondering what we should eat.

The moment I saw Grandma’s restaurant my eyes lit up as I kind of miss their signature dish Nasi Bukhari (similar to Nasi Briyani and served with fried chicken and beef rendang). However, my mother’s eyes were sharper as she saw the lunch promotion.


grandma's tingkat lunch

When I saw the promotion I knew we were definitely going to have that as it has been a while since we last had Nonya Food.

Pretty straightforward decision as I decided on Ayam Buah Keluak (stewed chicken cooked using the buah keluak nut) and my mother chose Babi Pongteh (stewed pork cooked with fermented soya bean paste and potatoes).


grandma's tingkat lunch dishes

The food were served in retro tingkat containers which reminded me of my mother bringing lunch to me during my Primary School years. (When I had to stay back for tuition because of my lousy grades.)

Both the soup and vegetable dishes were the same.


grandma's rice

The rice was served with a slice of omelette egg.


grandma's soup

The cabbage soup was pretty nice and slightly salty.


grandma's vegetable

The vegetables consisted of cabbage,carrots and black fungus. It tasted pretty savoury and chewy.


grandma's ayam buah keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak!! I liked the soft tender chicken and the wonderful taste of the sauce that had all the essence of the buah keluak nut.

I did not see any of the buah keluak nut like I used to do when dining in a Peranakan restaurant. I would usually dig out the delicious paste in the nut to savour.

To be fair, as this was a lunch promotion set, the serving was just right.


grandma's babi pongteh

My mother loved the babi pongteh. When I tried it, I was impressed by the softness and the flavours of the stewed pork. The stewed pork must have been cooked for a considerable length of time in order to attain such softness and flavour.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

For its price of $9.90 + prevailing taxes per pax, I would say it is reasonable in a restaurant setting and also comes with free flow of plain water. I could not find any information on when this Nonya Tingkat Lunch promotion will end but do give it a try if you have the opportunity.

Please refer to Grandma’s Restaurant website for information on other outlets.



Grandma’s Restaurant (Suntec City Branch)

3 Temasek Boulevard


Singapore 0389083