coney island park butterfly

Coney Island Park Singapore

punggol promenade fishing

On a sunny day in December (even though the monsoon season is raging), Lao Beng took bus no. 84 from the Punggol Bus Interchange to Punggol End en route to visit the much talked/hyped about Coney Island Park.

Coney Island Park is also called Pulau Serangoon is a 50 hectare island located north east of Singapore. It was opened in October 2015 and has seen many visitors since its inception.

This was my second attempt after getting stuck at the bus stop on my first attempt a couple of days ago due to a downpour. I alighted at the Punggol End bus stop and walked towards the Punggol Promenade taking in the beautiful view created by the sunny weather.


punggol settlement toilet

Before you embark on your journey, I would recommend that your bladder be emptied first as the toilet in Coney Island Park is some distance away. As this is a public toilet, the cleanliness cannot be compared with shopping centres toilets.

You can always patronize one of the restaurants for a meal and use their toilets before you embark.


punggol settlement tortoise

“Enemy straight ahead, 1 metre, own time own target, carry on”


punggol settlement signs

At the Punggol Settlement, you will be able to see signs that direct you to the various destinations accordingly.


punggol settlement

If you did not bring any water, you can always visit the 7-11 or other convenience stores to get your drinks.

Hydration is very important on a hot day.


sembawang white bee hoon

If you are hungry, why not have a plate of Sembawang White Bee Hoon first?? Yummy!!

White Restaurant is a good place for its delicious food before or after your visit to Coney Island Park.


punggol settlement bicycle shop

Cycling to and exploring Coney Island Park is the most popular choice. You can rent a bicycle at this shop; for those who wish to explore the island slowly, you can take “Bus 11” and that is practically your pair of legs.


coney island park west entrance

It takes about five minutes of leisure walk to reach the West entrance of Coney Island Park. Almost every darn person who goes through here will take a selfie/wefie to post on social media proclaiming to the whole world: “been there, done that”.

Before I enter, I pasted the Watsons mosquito repellent patches on various parts of my clothes.


coney island park welcome

A few steps after the entrance you will be able to see the Welcome signboard and read about the history of this island.


coney island park map

The distance from one end to the other end of the island is 2.4km.


coney island park signs

Signs aplenty to guide you along the way.


coney island park shelter

There are various shelters along the island for you to take a rest and to avoid the rain.


coney island park bird hide

This is the bird hide where I spent some time acting like a Peeping Tom looking out for the birds but could find none in sight..


coney island park beach

I walked further up and reached the beach. It gave me a very rustic feeling and I love the sight of the ships that are so close to the island.

*Take note, sand flies had been reported at the beaches thus it is prudent to wear long pants and covered shoes and spray plentiful of insect repellent on your body.


coney island park cycling

This is a nice island for cycling and there were only a few walkers like me.


coney island park cow

This is the sign describing what to do if you encounter the Brahman Cow. I believe out of hundred who read this probably only ten of them had seen the Brahman Cow.

Well, I did not.


coney island park boardwalk

Boardwalk has been created for an easy access to view the mangrove habitats.


coney island park plants

You can see a number of plants that had just been planted.


coney island park flora 2

Could not resist taking this picture.


coney island park flora

I managed to find some lovely flora and I really hope to see more of them blossoming when I visit the next time round.


coney island park butterfly

This is what nature is all about, seeing all these insects busy with their own lives brings you out of the hustle and bustle scene of our little country.


coney island park east

When you see this building, it means you have reached the other end of the island….


coney island park east entrance

…which means you have reached the East Entrance.


coney island park toilet

After a long walk, it is time to visit the toilet before I head back to the west entrance/Punggol Settlement area. This toilet is located near to the east entrance and east promenade.


coney island park trees

On my way back, seeing the vegetation brings me back to my army days of bashing through the thick vegetation in Pulau Tekong.

Would I do it again? Thanks but no thanks.


coney island park caution

At all times, one must be vigilant as there are chances the trees and branches may fall and this is especially so during heavy rain or thunderstorm.

Considering now (December 2015) is the monsoon season in Singapore, please take extra care and only visit the island after checking the weather forecast.


coney island park fallen tree

An old fallen tree, I have seen other fallen trees along the way. Thus, exercise caution and look out for one another.


coney island park fungus

Fungus!!! Stay away!!! Do not let your little ones near them.


coney island park promenade

Finally, I reached the west promenade near evening time. The scene here is nice and the cool breeze was fantastic.

You can sit down at the steps and enjoy the splashing sound of the waves.

In conclusion, Coney Island Park is a nice place for both the young and old. You can spend quality time with your friends and family over here. There is also a plethora of restaurants over at Punggol Settlement to whet your appetite.


Getting there via public transport:

  • Take bus no. 84 from Punggol Bus Interchange
  • Alight at Punggol End
  • Walk towards Punggol Settlement
  • Follow the sign and walk to the Coney Island Park West Entrance


What to bring:

  • Sunscreen (I got sun burnt!!)
  • Insect repellent (I got bitten by a few mosquitoes even though I used mosquito repellent patches)
  • Water for hydration purposes
  • Camera (duh!)
  • Umbrella/Rain Coat
  • Light snacks if you are the perpetually hungry kind
  • Money/Credit Card so that you can try the food at Punggol Settlement


What to wear:

  • Sports shoes/covered shoes
  • Light coloured clothing (less attractive to insects and absorb lesser heat than dark coloured clothing)
  • Long pants
  • Caps/Hats
  • Sun glasses for looking cool


Other important information:

  • The park is open from 7:00am to 7:00pm and gate will be closed outside opening hours.
  • No camping
  • No fishing
  • Please check the weather forecast before you travel to the park.
  • Be careful and take extra caution especially during adverse weather conditions as the tree or branches may fall.


Please visit NParks website for the latest information and timings for guided tours: