baikohken tantanmen

Baikohken Ramen in Takashimaya Shopping Centre

baikokken ramen stall

I used to patronize the Baikohken Ramen outlet in Circular road when I was working in the CBD many moons ago. The outlet has since closed and nowadays whenever I have cravings for their ramen, I will go to their outlet located in Takashimaya basement. (plus can go there window shopping after a hearty meal)


baikokken ramen menu

They have this big menu adjacent to the cashier for your selection. Take note, their “regular” size is actually big enough for two persons. I have noticed that “regular” size is a popular choice amongst ladies as they can share with each other. (or maybe I was noticing the ladies instead)


baikohken ramen tantanmen

Well, for me half-sized is just about right as a filling meal. On this visit, I chose the Tantanmen (shop original) and told the staff that I do not want bean sprouts.

This probably explains why I did not have the ingredients separated out onto another plate as depicted in the menu. The double happiness (喜喜) bowl always gives you that vintage old-school feel of your childhood memories.


Baikohken Ramen tantanmen egg

This tantanmen soup base is a miso-flavoured hot and spicy sesame sauce. A beautiful and yummy ajitama (flavoured egg) is like a formality with every bowl of ramen.


baikohken ramen tantanmen bamboo shoots

Funny thing about bamboo shoots is I never like eating them when it is used in Chinese cuisine. When it comes to ramen, it is a different story as I like to soak them in the ramen soup and munch the juicy-chewy shoots slowly.


baikohken ramen tantanmen meat

Meat lovers will like the soaked char siew and its chewy texture.


baikohken ramen tantanmen meat minced meat

I really liked the delicious and spicy soup base. The strong miso and sesame taste combining well with the minced meat to form a spoonful of goodness with every scoop.


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Authentic Japanese ramen at a reasonable price, always a good reason to have a hearty meal that justifies the time spent on shopping later.



Baikohken Ramen

Ngee Ann City, Basement 2

Takashimaya Shopping Centre

391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872

Nearest MRT: Orchard (NSL)