545 Whampoa prawn noodles

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles in Tekka Market and Food Centre

545 Whampoa prawn noodles stall

Lao Beng was at Tekka Market and Food Centre on a late rainy morning looking for brunch. I was browsing stall after stall wondering what to eat when I saw a stall from afar having a queue even when other stalls had no customers.

I moved closer and saw a young “Chio Bu” (Hokkien for pretty lady) expertly cooking the prawn noodles and she was assisted by an old couple. Without any hesitation, I joined the queue. I was wondering if the two guys ahead of me were queuing for good prawn noodles or for a better view of the young hawker.


545 Whampoa prawn noodles opening hours

I took photos of their opening hours notice and they even have a Facebook page. Sorry I did not take a photo of the young hawker BUT please stay tuned.


545 Whampoa prawn noodles

Lao Beng is a “Mee Kia” (thin egg yellow noodles) Man not the 1995 Eric Khoo movie “Mee Pok Man”. Ok, ok, I digress…

I ordered from the auntie asking for “Mee Kia” but she told me they only have normal yellow noodle, bee hoon or kway teow. I decided on the yellow noodle and ordered the $3 dry prawn noodles.

I attacked the soup first and it was fresh tasting with strong prawn flavour and yet not oily.


545 Whampoa prawn noodles ingredients

The shelled prawns were halved which gives it more texture than other stalls that slice them thinly. I especially like the taste of the al dente noodles mixed with the powerful chilli as the combination packed a punch giving me the shiok feeling I need on a rainy day.

The pork lard pieces were exceptionally crunchy, I could feel the crunchy bits as I wolf down the noodles. I deliberately fished out the remaining lard just to have all at one go. Yummy!

All in all, the prawn noodles gave me a very authentic feeling.



The nosey parker in me decided to find out more on the chio bu young hawker; little did I realize that she was already pretty famous socially. Here’s some info in bullet points:

  • Fashioned herself as “Hei Mee Soh” (Prawn Noodles Auntie) and her real name is Li Rui Fang.
  • Quit her MNC job to become a hawker
  • A third generation hawker that continues her grandfather’s prawn noodles recipe
  • Her parents help out at her stall
  • Her aunts run a similar stall in Whampoa Market and Food Centre
  • She is married (*sob sob)

Here is a video of her by Her World Plus:


Lao Beng’s Verdict

Firstly, kudos to Hei Mee Soh for being a 3rd generation hawker. Lao Beng respects hawkers that do not want their forefathers’ art to be lost and it is a rarity to see young hawkers nowadays.

So, please go and support her not because I say she chio but support her for her prawn noodles that is cooked with heart and soul. Do go early as they sell out pretty fast!

You can also check out the stall’s Facebook page for sold out notices and most updated opening hours.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/545WhampoaPrawnNoodles

Her World Plus Article: http://www.herworldplus.com/lifestyle/women-now/why-singapore-woman-quit-her-mnc-job-sell-prawn-noodles



545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles 黄埔虾面 (Tekka branch)

Tekka Market and Food Centre

665 Buffalo Road


Singapore 210665